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The site is devoted to the Georgian art, the Georgian artists and as a whole the Georgian art, its history. We want and will try to present before you all Georgian artists, acquaintances and not acquaintances, their biography and creation. At the Georgian art very big roots, confirmation of it the numerous kept frescos in temples monasteries of Georgia which strike visitors with the color scale and drawing equipment.
"The Georgian art on all way of the development always kept an art form of intelligence and the image of transfer."

Shalva Amiranashvili
"Development of history of the Georgian art shows that the Georgian art is a special art event, natural and internal need developed and grown on a wide national basis, instead of artificially narashchyonny or introduced from the outside..."

Giogri Chubinashvili

It is only the short list of those of the statement of great figures of Georgia which wrote about the Georgian art and I do not think that we better or more precisely would transfer feelings and pleasure at a meeting with the Georgian art.
"This" smell of an antiquity" it is not possible that wouldn't involve everyone who loves beauty who loves and cares about the last country and supports its future..."

Vakhtang Beridze.

"Artist? These are colors of rhymes and poetry of color. For the artist one life isn't enough, even to study and work. Young people are talented, but time another now. It is much more difficult to create good abstract work, than figurative. The abstraction has to create mood, here the main thing harmony of color. The academic education is necessary, this way has to pass, in a frame too has to visit and step for it. Artist: the person who draws life. "

Avto Varazi


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